Our buyers are
part of our team

By taking our premium product and delivering it to the rest of the world, our buyers know quality and that they can consistently rely on our products and service.

We only work with growers we know and trust and so we have the capacity to deliver a range of cultivars and volume to fulfil the requirements of the most discerning buyers.

Our sales team works closely with each of our buyers making sure they invest in that relationship. We are committed to delivering exceptional service that reflects the high quality of our products.

Our Premium Buyers

Australian Premium Macadamias stands as the trusted provider of premium-grade macadamias to the world's most discerning manufacturers. Renowned for unparalleled quality and performance, our unique advantage fosters enduring customer loyalty and enhanced profitability.

Australian Premium Macadamias offers a complete range of professional services to buyers, including:

  • Trusted partnerships with macadamia buyers, viewing them as integral members of our team.
  • Ensure consistent quality products by working exclusively with trusted growers, guaranteeing reliability and consistency for buyers
  • Diverse cultivars to meet the needs of discerning buyers to suit various preferences
  • Capability to deliver significant volumes to meet the demands of the global market.

Welcome to nature's finest treasure, delivering unparalleled flavor and wholesome goodness with every delectable bite.

How to buy

Contact our dedicated sales team via our website form below or by contacting our sales representatives directly.

Australian Premium Macadamias guarantees an unparalleled experience of quality and satisfaction.


Our wholesale products

We supply raw, roasted and flavoured macadamias to premium wholesale customers around the globe with our top destinations being Korea, China, Japan, New Zealand, and also Europe and the USA.

Nut In Shell – NIS

Nut In Shell (NIS) that is cured and dried in a climate-controlled system which gives it an unparalleled flavour and crunch.


Kernel that is cracked in a more considerate way, resulting in a product that retains its freshness by avoiding damage or bruising.

Quality Certification

Years of industry experience ensure that we can be trusted as leaders in delivering excellence and adherence to the highest standards.

Australian Premium Macadamias is dedicated to delivering excellence. Our approach is built on sustainable practices and uncompromising quality. Thank you for being part of our journey.

An aerial drone shot over the macadamia fields showing the rows and rows of macadamia trees with a dirt road going through the middle


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