Our journey is rooted in the land where we live and work, nurturing our orchards to ensure the product in your hands is a proud piece of Australian heritage.

Premium product.
Premium taste.

Australian Premium Macadamias is a 100% Australian owned and grown processing company committed to delivering sustainable and superior macadamia nuts globally.

Our company was founded by a group of industry leading macadamia growers who recognised the need to market, process and deliver their own premium macadamias to the world.

We guarantee our quality by controlling the supply chain, from the hands of the farmer to the hands of the consumer, using our combined years of experience and commitment to farming excellence.

We are based in Central Queensland, the southern gateway to the Great Barrier Reef and native home of the macadamia, making our conditions ideal for optimum growth and biodiversity.

A farm employee standing in front of a projector screen and talking about Australian Premium Macadamias

Our commitment

We are farmers buying from farmers and our practices not only reflect our investment in our region and its produce but also our commitment to sustainable agriculture.

  • We are invested in our region, our communities and our industry;
  • Our farming practices reflect our commitment to sustainable agriculture and improved ecosystem health and functioning;
  • We implement integrated management strategies aimed at minimising reliance on chemicals and fertilisers and using natural resources responsibly;
  • We continuously improve our sustainable farming practices to ensure excellence in product quality, quantity and customer satisfaction;
  • We produce premium quality macadamia kernel that adheres to international food safety guidelines and is processed in accordance with the highest industry standards;
  • Our passion and reputation for quality, integrity and consistency as well as our combined years of industry experience, gives us access to a superior scope and standard of macadamia;
  • We are farmers working with farmers and championing the best of native Australian produce to the world.

As a 100% Australian-owned venture, we not only champion local premium quality but also embody the spirit of innovation and resilience.

Our future

With a forward-thinking approach, we aim to pioneer new methods in macadamia cultivation and processing, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to enhance efficiency while minimizing environmental impact. Our commitment to quality remains unwavering, as we strive to exceed international standards and cater to the evolving preferences of consumers worldwide.

As we embark on this journey into the future, Australian Premium Macadamias stands poised to lead the way in delivering excellence, sustainability, and unparalleled taste to discerning consumers across the globe.

A helicopter style shot of the macadamia farm and all of its trees forming patterns on the ground below
In a nutshell

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Quality Certification

Years of industry experience ensure that we can be trusted as leaders in delivering excellence and adherence to the highest standards.

Australian Premium Macadamias is dedicated to delivering excellence. Our approach is built on sustainable practices and uncompromising quality. Thank you for being part of our journey.

An aerial drone shot over the macadamia fields showing the rows and rows of macadamia trees with a dirt road going through the middle


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